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Brooklyn, New York

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Once I joined Cafe Tableaux, I started thinking about some of the coffeehouses that I’ve visited in my hometown of Brooklyn. Not many of them stick out. The one I decided was the most memorable (mainly because it’s the most recent one I’ve visited I’m sure I’ll think of the others eventually) is Gorilla Coffee. Gorilla Coffee is situated on a corner in Park Slope, Brooklyn. This neighborhood has a lot to offer people who like to go out but don’t enjoy the high energy nightclub Manhattan kind of scene. It’s fairly “trendy,” populated with people that have come from small towns all over America in search of the New York city life.

Gorilla Coffee gives just that city life feel. When you walk in you’re not greeted with a warm hello. You’re not greeted at all. You receive a glare as if, “how dare you come in here and expect to be treated as a customer… what do you think this is exactly? A retail business? *scoff*”. When indie coffeehouses became popular, this was the normal attitude to be expected from the stereotypical barista. It’s still inexcusable. If I’m coming into your establishment with the intention of buying two espresso-based beverages that will most likely be in the ten dollar range and we haven’t even gotten to an accompanying pastry, you better say hello damn it. A percentage of your rent in this high priced city just walked through the door.
Aside from the sucky customer service, the coffeehouse seating is narrow which is normal for a lot of Brooklyn establishments as space is limited and the buildings are mostly very old. Inside I found it to be more “fast food pizza shop” than “cozy coffeehouse” with beige walls and red diner tables with black plastic stacking chairs in almost a buffet row. I guess they chose black & red due to the logo. It’s still not a bad place to sit in for a quick coffee. Not a place I’d lounge in at night for too long it’s bright and “un-cozy” hence the pizza shop reference. Not to mention … this NEW YORK CITY coffeehouse closes at 9pm! In the city that Never sleeps?

Aside from the cons… The coffee is roasted on-site and it’s absolutely WONDERFUL. They have a dark roast profile for most of their coffee so almost of them are heavy in taste and bold in aroma. Though their baristi are jerks, and their coffeehouse is a crappy hang out spot, the most important aspect was on point.

I’d definitely order a drink on the go and pretend they’re polite. Or even better I’d buy a pound on their website.

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Gorilla Coffee

97 5th Avenue
Corner of Park Place
Brooklyn, New York 11217

soymilk: no extra charge
fair trade: available
wifi: free access

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is a compendium of literary, anecdotal musings on coffeeshop and cafe culture.
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