Mighty O Donuts

Seattle, Washington

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I am completely aware that one of the policies of Cafe Tableaux is to not review establishments whose sole focus is to serve food. I am also aware that many of these policies are potentially dooming the site to failure, although not that rule in particular, so I am using an executive privilege to register kudos to a well-deserving establishment that merits being recognized in all forums that could even tangentially apply to it.

In fact, there is a provision in the posting guidelines which stipulates that you may review a food based establishment if said food can only be consumed whilst drinking coffee. I am also aware of the historical relationship between coffee and donuts which is probably documented in one of the coffee tomes that Thos. continually reads. However, this relationship for me has now become thoroughly personal, for someone who stopped eating lardy donuts about 4 years before I began drinking coffee, I must declare that there would be no higher purpose for coffee to serve than to accompany these delectable glazed doughy gems!

Mighty-O Donuts

Each morning in Seattle we would venture to a different coffeeshop to write, draw, and eavesdrop. Most shops we went to were in the vicinity of our lodgings so that we could branch out from our home base for the day with a jolt and a full bladder. Mighty O however was an excursion of its own and we were rewarded heartily with 2 donuts apiece and a strong latte. Vegan donuts I have had in the past were always plastic wrapped bricks that I either bought out of desperation from a local health food store or was duped into buying through tricky photography and inaccurate descriptions from vegan essentials. But these were light, made on the spot, with a smell and foamy texture that brought me back to Saturday mornings when my father would take me with him to buy donuts for our family from the Mister Donut with the orange folded plate roof located somewhere that I cannot remember now. The ingredients were very respectable; the raspberry glaze contained tiny seeds left in through the process of stewing down and candying them into a paste. In retrospect 2 donuts was both not enough and way too much. They were large, I believe Southern Oracle might have even quartered hers with a knife, and although light, they sat in your stomach as anything delicious is wont to do, especially when agitated by the tempest of a foamy espresso drink.

Mighty-O Donuts

But, we were not going to be coming back, at least not as soon as I would want another donut, so the 2 were far too few in what I envisioned to be a 4 donut a week lifestyle for myself were I to live in one of the apartments across the street or tiny homes down toward Green Lake. Even in the face of these musings they were closing earlier than we had expected and we would not have the opportunity to consume more if we could stand it. It was a fantastic treat while it lasted and we were forced to move our productive endeavours to the standing-room-only Zoka across the street where we found a table outside from which we could see Mighty O.

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Mighty O Donuts

2110 N 55th Street
Seattle, Washington 98103

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