Eugene cafes

Eugene Coffee Company

Eugene Coffee Company

Review by cafe tableaux: If one were to divide the United States into quadrants beginning at the disputed Cartesian origin of the country near Lebanon, Kansas, I am fortunate to have now lived in each.

Full City, Pearl

Full City

Review by cafe tableaux: The room seems filled with sun in my recollection, at least the bakery side, which I in fact did not visit until later, and I chatted up the barista about the good places to live in town.

Perk Coffee & Espresso

Perk Espresso

Review by cafe tableaux: Perk has closed already, in keeping with their new summer hours. The barista is friendly enough to serve them, anyhow.

Wandering Goat

wandering goat biscuits

Review by cafe tableaux: JHT shouts over the horn of a passing train, “I’ll have another platter of gravy and biscuits!”

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is a compendium of literary, anecdotal musings on coffeeshop and cafe culture.
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Full City Full City, Pearl
Eugene, Oregon
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Koffee Koffee
New Haven, Connecticut
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Swim Cafe
Chicago, Illinois
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Joe Coffee Bar Joe Coffee Bar
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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