Georgia cafes

Aurora L5P

Aurora L5P

Review by cafe tableaux: Aurora would probably be the coffeeshop I ended up making a pilgrimage to on my visit to Atlanta if I were a tourist..

Cafe Ambrosia

Cafe Ambrosia, Savannah, GA

Review by cafe tableaux: saturday, midmorning, the front doors of a cafe are open, cool air drifts in across the tile floors drawing blue savannah fog to meet the fluorescent pastry coolers.

Cafe Cliche (née Indie Coffee & Books)

Indie Coffee & Books

Review by cafe tableaux: formerly Indie Coffee & Books. I will describe the atmosphere as dissociative suburban identity disorder.

ChocoLaté Coffee

Review by cafe tableaux: You are only wasting your hard-earned money so that some stay-at-home graphic designer can wake up at 11 a.m.

Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party


Review by cafe tableaux: Every so often you encounter a place, that, aligns with a place that you have been enjoying in your mind’s restful hours for many years.

E2 Coffeehouse

e2 Coffee House

Review by cafe tableaux: So the ambiance was horrible along with its coffee.


Review by cafe tableaux: like Stumptown in Portland, Favorite is filled with all the latest slick magazines telling you more than you wanted…

Gallery Espresso


Review by cafe tableaux: “Wouldn’t it be nice if someone knew what they wanted when they came in?”

Gathering Grounds (née Sweet Java Brown)

Gathering Grounds

Review by cafe tableaux: This is a negative review.

Inman Perk

Inman Perk

Review by cafe tableaux: As an ‘architect’ I regularly struggle with my fluctuating attention to the specificity of designed environments.

International Bean Cafe at GPC

International Bean Cafe at GPC


Java Lords

java lords, atlanta

Review by cafe tableaux: For fuck’s sake, one of them was wearing one of those Bluetooth ear things for his cell phone when he took our orders!

Java Monkey

Java Monkey

Review by cafe tableaux: Funny how we feel the need to go somewhere with others, rather than just inviting someone over to drink coffee.

Jittery Joe’s Alpharetta

jittery joe's alpharetta

Review by cafe tableaux: R.I.P. Jittery Joe’s Alpharetta

Jittery Joe’s Eastside

Review by cafe tableaux: As far as I can recall, there is not much to say about this coffee shop.

Jittery Joe’s Five Points

Jittery Joe’s Five Points

Review by cafe tableaux: there have been 2 shops in my life thus far that usurped my home as consistent theatre of operations or sitting parlour.



Review by cafe tableaux: he will idle away his nights disinterestedly, and like him i will not remember joe’s until it is a memory, but at least i took the cup and drank from it.

Joshua Cup Coffee

Joshua Cup Coffee

Review by cafe tableaux: This is a Christian coffee shop. R.I.P.

Kavarna (née Jupiter Coffee)


Review by cafe tableaux: in all honesty, all the place needs for me to appreciate it is warm coffee and some soy milk, its most vital superlative being the proximity to my home.

Method Coffee Bar and Tea Lounge

Method Coffee Bar and Tea Lounge

Review by cafe tableaux: The proprietor was polite and offered one of his espresso roasts as they went into a strained sounding reminiscence of the Ethiopian…

Octane Coffee

Octane Coffee

Review by cafe tableaux: Octane is in the school of Portland’s Stumptown and Atlanta’s own Inman Perk (although not quite as designed).

One Caffe

One Caffe

Review by cafe tableaux: If you are planning to take a coffee in downtown Atlanta it should be your only choice.

Palm Coast Coffee

Palm Coast Coffee

Review by cafe tableaux: Coffee is alien to the beach. Coffee should not be consumed whilst wearing shorts, in sight of folks with sand stuck…

Red Eye

redeye 3

Review by cafe tableaux: He carried a fresh baguette that filled the whole room immediately with warmth and crusty aroma. A fresh baguette on a Sunday?

Savannah Bagel Cafe

high tide

Review by cafe tableaux: I drank coffee from a foam cup and ate the best rosemary and garlic bagel outside of New York City and West LA.

Savannah Coffee Roasters Cafe

Savannah Coffee Roasters Cafe

Review by cafe tableaux: It is however our purview to lambast the fool who marches into Savannah Coffee Roasters Cafe to ask them where the Starbucks is located.

The Sentient Bean

The Sentient Bean

Review by cafe tableaux: the coffeeshop, like the chameleon, eyes the world in two distinct directions, yet always connects them with its presence.

Tilt Coffeeshop

R.I.P. Wachovia

Review by cafe tableaux: visited by two Tableauxists simultaneously, we decided to post dueling tableaux, as a sort of ‘he said; he said’ experiment …

Vic’s Coffee House

Savannah, GA

Review by cafe tableaux: The street looks like a pirate once strode it, or at least a longshoreman, his boots covered in algae and his teeth like barnacles thirsty for mead.

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Haymarket Cafe
Northampton, Massachusetts
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Inman Perk Inman Perk
Atlanta, Georgia
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R.I.P. Wachovia Tilt Coffeeshop
Atlanta, Georgia
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Savannah Coffee Roasters Cafe Savannah Coffee Roasters Cafe
Savannah, Georgia
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