Illinois cafes



Review by cafe tableaux: Rarely does coffee not seize me up. I become staccato and distracted.

Barista Coffee House Inc

Barista Coffee House

Review by cafe tableaux: I broke off a coffee in a styrofoam cup from the pleasant Barista, who called me sweetie which was really endearing…

Bourgeois Pig

Review by cafe tableaux: Every time that I have been to the Bourgeois Pig, I have felt cozy at home and comfortable. However…

Ennui Cafe

Ennui Cafe

Review by cafe tableaux: you enter a chamber containing a scepter, a tiara covered with baubles, and a suit of studded leather armour.

Swim Cafe

Review by cafe tableaux: John Hughes died a that week. A cartoon of his boyish, bemulletted visage was flattened into the Chicago weekly stacked by the entrance.

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is a compendium of literary, anecdotal musings on coffeeshop and cafe culture.
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Cafe Mojoe Cafe Mojoe
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Java Hutt Java Hutt
Ferndale, Michigan
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Jo’s Downtown Jo’s Downtown
Austin, Texas
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Velocity Cafe
Santa Monica, California
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