The Last Drop

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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on my first and last trip to Last Drop, i asked the hipster behind the counter, ‘Why do you charge extra for soymilk?’
he replied, ‘We have to pay for it.’
i pointed out, ‘You have to pay for the cow’s milk and cream with which people supplement their coffee, as well; why don’t you charge extra for that?’
he stared, slackjawed and silent — no surprise there.

why patronize a place like last drop that rips people off for something for which no other cafes charge?

treating people differently because they can not drink dairy is a completely uncool business ethic. seeing as there are plenty of places that treat soy drinkers with respect, they will continue to deserve and receive my patronage.

The Last Drop

being an independent business does not absolve one from criticism; if you are going to engage in a practice that puts off customers, be prepared to face critique without hiding behind the pretense of ‘but…but…i’m independent!’. one of the great things about a large city, even a poor one like phila, is that there are so many independent, locally owned places to patronize; with cool places like mean bean and stellar around the corner, there is nothing to keep us at totally lame establishments like last drop.

i’m not saying that last drop needs to have free wireless and no soymilk surcharge; it is their cafe, so they can do what they wish. i’m only mentioning that, as long as they rip off soymilk drinkers, i will buy my coffee elsewhere. it’s a wonder that random customers defend this profiteering; unless one is profiting from the surcharges on soymilk or internet, i don’t understand why one would get upset in their defense of such surcharges; nevertheless, if someone wants to pay extra at last drop for something which other – equally independent – cafes include in their services, they are welcome to do so. i will go somewhere else, thanks; please don’t complain when you don’t get my business whilst you have done nothing to earn it.

at least last drop is open past 7pm, a rarity in Phila.

ps. and regarding the coffee jocks at last drop being ‘artists’? join the f’ing club.

pps. contemporary reggae is an earsore; increasing its volume does not camouflage this.

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The Last Drop

1300 Pine Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

soymilk: extra charge
fair trade: not available
wifi: paid access

6 Responses to “The Last Drop”

  1. bill

    It seems you and I are of similar minds (as our blogs can say). I have to say, Last Drop kind of does have an issue with customer service; my problem was with a young man who could care less about the tea they offered. But on a positive note, I actually think they got Free WiFi as of late.

  2. N.N. Harre

    average size of ‘creamer’ added to cup of coffee: 1 Tbsp
    1 quart of 365 soymilk, retail: $1.89
    Tbsp per quart: 64
    64 x $.50 = $32

    profit made by last drop on their soymilk surcharge: $30.11 per quart

  3. Jeff

    you’re a tool. soymilk costs more and they have every right to charge for it. It’s also less popular than regular milk, so they probably don’t buy as much of it. and as for your ps and pps… the reason people use that is for when they’re WRITING a hand-written letter and they forgot something. it’s pretty irrelevant to use them in an email or on a message board. also, if you’re going to criticize philadelphia, why don’t you just move.

  4. marc hummel

    that is lame and you are free to go somewhere else but know

    people don’t go to the last drop for the coffee.

  5. Adam Lake

    Writing an entire review of a place based on their policies regarding soy milk is not a review, its a rant. I agree that its bogus, but I really like the last drop. Sure the baristas can be hipster dung beetles at times, but what barista is not at times? I think that the last drop deserves a fair trial…

  6. Crystal Hawkins

    The wifi is free at The Last Drop.

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