Swim Cafe

Swim Cafe

Chicago, Illinois

I told someone the other day that the most boring drive of my life was from Chicago to Kansas City. I’ve done some pretty boring drives: I16 from Macon to I95 (fuck you, Kite, GA!), LA to San Francisco (or thereabouts), any US road with three (3) or more CVSs, I40 through Oklahoma and the […]


Grounds For Coffee

Ogden, Utah

1. Thos. doesn’t pretend to think NYC was cooler when it was overrun by criminals, but Ogden seems too nice, like a Twilight Zone episode where robots come up and pick up trash and kill strangers. 2. Kenn Allen should have written a sequel to Westworld where he sleeps with Roman slave-boys in Roman World. […]

Langdon Street Café

Langdon Street Café

Montpelier, Vermont

This is a positive review. Langdon Street Cafe is to thos. more of Philadelphia what the hashish dens of Amsterdam are to Jules of ‘Pulp Fiction'; one thought of drifting across a parker truss over the North Branch for a locally-roasted cup and a handful of vegan ginger-raspberry towers, and he proclaims, ‘That did it, […]

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