Swim Cafe

Chicago, Illinois

Review by cafe tableaux: John Hughes died a that week. A cartoon of his boyish, bemulletted visage was flattened into the Chicago weekly stacked by the entrance.

Haymarket Cafe

Northampton, Massachusetts

Review by cafe tableaux: If you exit the rear of the cafĂ©, you’ll find yourself before an odd little domicile. Beyond is a parking lot, a movie-set-like alley, and then a street that loops back to Main. That’s Northampton.

The Hideout Coffeehouse & Theater

The Hideout Coffeehouse & Theater

Austin, Texas

Review by cafe tableaux: It becomes a cell in the continuum of bleary days, the rich red walls I see in my photographs, the warm bronze on the tables are nowhere to be found in my memories.

CAFE TABLEAUX is a compendium of literary, anecdotal musings on coffeeshop and cafe culture.

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