Swim Cafe

Swim Cafe

Chicago, Illinois

I told someone the other day that the most boring drive of my life was from Chicago to Kansas City. I’ve done some pretty boring drives: I16 from Macon to I95 (fuck you, Kite, GA!), LA to San Francisco (or thereabouts), any US road with three (3) or more CVSs, I40 through Oklahoma and the […]

Monmouth Coffee Company

Monmouth Coffee Company

London, United Kingdom

I had hoped to introduce thos. more to Monmouth Coffee Company during a London business sojourn in December 2006, but my plans were thwarted by the fact that this cafĂ© keeps rather inconvenient business hours. I suppose opening at 8 am is a reasonable business strategy; closing at 6:30 pm, on the other hand, is […]


Kiva Han, Forbes & S. Craig

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Oh how I’d like to get myself some peace, some true freedom to coast amongst the conversations and hear none of them. I’ve taken to blocking out people with the brim of my hat where it is a world of my book, my knees, and some ungodly thundering Incantation album (I’m partial to Mortal Throne […]

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