Swim Cafe

Chicago, Illinois

I told someone the other day that the most boring drive of my life was from Chicago to Kansas City. I’ve done some pretty boring drives: I16 from Macon to I95 (fuck you, Kite, GA!), LA to San Francisco (or thereabouts), any US road with three (3) or more CVSs, I40 through Oklahoma and the […]

jittery joe's alpharetta

Jittery Joe’s Alpharetta

Alpharetta, Georgia


Savannah Coffee Roasters Cafe

Savannah Coffee Roasters Cafe

Savannah, Georgia

It would be foolish to take space in this forum to decry the homogenizing effect on world culture that corporate retailers have. In fact, this entire project is in a sense a repository of the twists, discrepancies, extremes, both positive and negative, that independently owned coffeeshops provide us with. This repository exists to preserve their […]

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