Swim Cafe

Swim Cafe

Chicago, Illinois

I told someone the other day that the most boring drive of my life was from Chicago to Kansas City. I’ve done some pretty boring drives: I16 from Macon to I95 (fuck you, Kite, GA!), LA to San Francisco (or thereabouts), any US road with three (3) or more CVSs, I40 through Oklahoma and the […]

Coal Creek Coffee Company; Downtown Laramie, Wyoming

Coal Creek Coffee Company, Downtown

Laramie, Wyoming

1. Things Thos. doesn’t know: What is so edgy about charging for soymilk? 2. I’ll take it black. 3. Edgy coffee shops Every thirty minutes coffee comes out of fire sprinklers The ceiling is constantly getting lower Free soymilk on the counter Cats No gum chewing policy 4. Is that girl really tall or are […]

Mean Bean Coffee House

Mean Bean Coffeehouse

Springdale, Utah

At a normal time but in the edge of time zone darkness the two men wake up. An iridescent blue aurora divides the starched rococo pattern of the curtains. In the shower he looks out an open window. The canyon walls materializing out of the dark are drenched in a rolling ambergris front. A thick […]

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