Cafe Ambrosia

Savannah, Georgia

tableaux'd by:

cast of characters:

pop: seasoned world traveler, coffee aesthete, perfectionist
son: uptight prosewriting provocateur
wanda: mountain woman
soulpatch: failed SCAD hack, opportunist, venice beach reject
cashier: current SCAD student
ms. soulpatch (offstage): condescending masculine female

saturday, midmorning, the front doors of a cafe are open, cool air drifts in across the tile floors drawing blue savannah fog to meet the fluorescent pastry coolers.

Cafe Ambrosia, Savannah, GA

ms soulpatch: wanda!
pop: rising ill get that.
wanda: this ain’t what ah ord’r’d.
pop: rising let me see what i can do. to ms soulpatch hi, this isn’t the right thing, could you get us a coffee?
ms soulpatch: this is for wanda.
pop: yes but it isn’t right, maybe this is for someone else in our party.
ms soulpatch: no, this is for imitating a hearing impaired speaker wha-n-duh. she ordered this.
pop: no, she ordered a coffee.
ms soulpatch: this is for wanda though.
pop: i realize that! i am with wanda!
soulpatch: appearing behind passthrough in kitchen look at all this whole milk i am carrying, and i am wearing a brown leather jacket!
ms soulpatch: it says she ordered a mocha.
pop: well she ordered a coffee.
ms soulpatch: it says mocha here… for wanda.

later, all are served, except son, who is waiting on his uncomplicated order, sensing in advance that it will be eff’d up, gets up to stand by the counter.

soulpatch: to ms soulpatch this is for someone in that really big party (of 6 -playwright).
ms soulpatch: son!
son: this isn’t what i ordered, i ordered a latte with soymilk sits down to wait before he is defied.
wanda: why didn’t you just drink it?
son: it is the principle! i hope this place burns to cinders.
ms soulpatch: son!
son: is this a soy latte?
ms soulpatch: no, it is just a latte.
son: ok, can i just get my money back?
cashier: soulpatch? how do i give him a refund, he says he ordered a soy latte and we messed it up repeatedly.
soulpatch: from behind the counter what?! wait a bit.
son: can you just give me cash? i don’t need it back on the card.
cashier: no, no, ill figure it out, once soulpatch gets out here.
son: returning to his party i’m about to flip the table over.
wanda: you should’ve just drank it.
son: it is the principle, i don’t want this place to have my money at this point, they cant get anyone’s orders right and they seemed exasperated that we were giving them our business from the second we came in.
cashier: coming up to table here is the cash, soulpatch couldn’t be bothered to come out and show me how to do a proper refund, or apologize to you for his self-important attitude.
soulpatch: aside i wish i hadn’t sucked at painting, maybe people will think this botched cafe is conceptual art!
son: eff this, i’m going to sentient bean.

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Cafe Ambrosia

202 East Broughton Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401

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  1. Sean

    Emilio, wuz uppppppppp!!!!!!!!! hey, email me back, I might be coming thru Savannah soon

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