Double Shots Espresso Bar

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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My partner and I decide to pass an hour before the start of the latest movie by the guy who directed ‘The Fly’ by taking a coffee at this place, ‘Double Shots’, we noticed during the ride to the theater. We spend 10 minutes by placing two (2) u-locks around the frames of our bikes and a ‘no parking’ sign that is embedded in the concrete sidewalk; each of us also threads our own lock through a cable which runs through the front and back wheels, respectively.

We enter Double Shots and approach the counter; as Saul points out the extra fee for soymilk, I look over a shelf of plastic wrapped books.

“Let’s leave,” I say.
“Yeah, I don’t feel the need to support a cafe that displays the Drudge Manifesto as its most important book.”

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Double Shots Espresso Bar

211 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

soymilk: extra charge
wifi: paid access

2 Responses to “Double Shots Espresso Bar”

  1. Shawn

    Hmm, I frequent this shop quite often and there doesn’t seem to be any books DISPLAYED but many are on some bookshelves along with many other works. WiFi is FREE and I use it for school work quite often but I guess if you stayed more than the 12 seconds you would have found that out. Maybe one should not be so quick to make judgements about books considering we all do have the right of freedom of speech (just like the freedom to write our thoughts online)

  2. the angry red planet

    […] thos [w] wasn’t ‘quick’ with his judgment about the ‘drudge manifesto’; he was aware of the politics of drudge before entering the cafe, so there was no judgment about the material being made on the spot. thomas had long known the text to be partisan, kool-aid propaganda.

    [ read more…]

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