Norwood, Massachusetts

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Thanksgiving weekend, 2010, Boston, MA, etc.
Perks in Two Catalogues:

Catalogue of Norwood and Environs:
Thanksgiving burning leaves, extended family basements and Commodore 64 games, unupholstered banquettes made of plywood, the Blue Hills, Great Blue where my parents names are carved in a tree, the smell of perpetually shaded carpet, oilcloth drapes, copious funeral homes, awkward sweater vests, Catholic churches, the Auto-Mile, walking divided highways without sidewalks, melancholy skies, Ponkapoag Pond boy scout weekends, apple cheeks, Star Market, downtown likely seen by few, commuter rail parking, unattended children on a commuter train, weddings in hotels on Route 1, bright sunlight and murky melancholy interiors, plaid furniture, shit-smears, family reunions in hotels on Route 1, coffee and soy milk, Thanksgiving shoppers, children playing hide-and-go-seek in the elevators and fire stairs of hotels on Route 1, wedding clothes from a thrift store, a woman’s blazer, an open bar, Route 1, drunk cousins, broken boot heels, drunk tableauxist, red streetlights, one pound bags of Shaw’s potato chips and dim basements, seventh largest carillon in the United States, foam earplugs covered by flattened wax earplugs, sweaty ears, some people are dead now who had been at Norwood weddings and reunions, creaking funeral home radiator, sheer curtains, flattened piles of autumn leaves.


Catalogue of Other Possible Names for Perks:
Employ of recognizable coffee euphemisms Joe, Java, Brew, Bean: Joe Joe Norwood’s, Central Station Java, Brew Hills, Washington Street Beans; Employ of vessels for coffee: Minuteman Mugs, Ponkapoag Presses, Commuter Cups; Employ of preparation methods: how about Auto Mile Auto Drip; Or even maintaining their preferred genus one could ascribe fun puns and plays: Percolators, Percola, Perky Perc’s, Perking Structure, or my favorite Suomi Perkele.

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685 Washington Street
Norwood, Massachusetts 02062

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is a compendium of literary, anecdotal musings on coffeeshop and cafe culture.
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